This fantastic home was finished in July 2022 and has tons of fancy upgrades that make it extra special. As you walk inside, you’ll notice the beautiful tile floors in the living areas – they look amazing and are super easy to clean. And guess what? The bedrooms have soft carpets that feel like walking on clouds! But wait, there’s more! The lights in this house are like magic – they make everything look cozy and warm. And guess what’s even cooler? The main bathroom has a special Rain Shower Head that feels like a gentle rainstorm. And if that’s not enough, the master bedroom has a comfy Bench Seat for relaxing. This home is like a superstar because it’s the last one of its kind! It’s like having a super special edition of a cool toy. The client who built it added extra cool stuff to make it one-of-a-kind. But the excitement doesn’t stop at the front door. The Aviana Reserve neighborhood is like a vacation spot right in your backyard. There’s a huge pool that’s like a fancy resort, a place to play volleyball, and even a playground that’s like a kid’s dream come true. And guess what? There are pretty lakes and a fitness center, too! And guess what’s the coolest part? This awesome place is only 15 minutes away from Disney World and lots of other fun places. It’s like having a magical kingdom right down the road! So, if you want to live in a place that’s super amazing this is the perfect chance. Imagine owning a home that’s like a dream come true and a smart investment all in one. Don’t wait – grab this awesome opportunity and become part of the Florida fun!


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